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Villa Kullaberg Bed & Breakfast is located in the region Skåne, approximately 1 ½ time from the center of Copenhagen 1:15 hour from Kastrup international airport, ½ hour north-east of Helsingborg and approximately 1 hour from Malmö and Lund.  

If you’re coming from the greater Copenhagen area, there are basically two ways to getting here: crossing the Øresund Bridge or taking the ferry Elsinore - Helsingborg. The bridge is far more kilometres on the freeway, but it takes about the same time whether you chose ferry or bridge. 


The ferry crosses the sound every 20 minutes and it takes around 20 minutes. Various offers – weekend, one-day trips etc. are available from both transport vendors, see below.  

If you are coming from Copenhagen airport or anywhere south/west of Copenhagen, we would recommend that you take the bridge.


Remember to bring ID for crossing the border - passport or drivers licence!

Plan your trip: 


Distance by car 

Copenhagen Airport: 1h:15 min (bridge)  

Copenhagen City: 1h:40 (bridge) 

Hillerød: 1h:40 (ferry)  

Roskilde: 1h:50 (bridge) 

Malmö: 1h:07 

Elsinore: 1h:35 (ferry)

Göteborg: 2h:17

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